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Tongue fun!

A  little  mental entertainment


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This is no common fun-book. It is primarily a vocabulary-builder – with a difference. The difference lies in its approach. It contains hardly any text-book type of exercises. Rather, it is full of word-games, a large and interesting variety of them, that stimulate and challenge as they instruct and entertain.

All the main items have been carefully devised to promote word-building. Matter that could go well in a volume of pure fun or in a puzzle-book, but would not be directly suited to our purpose, has been deliberately kept aside. Nevertheless, the fun remains. Readers with a fair knowledge of English can enjoy learning while playing! The exercises provide a good deal of fun.

Fun With Words has been widely used as a profitable teaching-aid in schools. Tongue-Twisters, Crazy Reading, Exercises For Sounds, ... have come in handy at Public Speaking sessions. Word Ladders, Limericks, Conundrums... have provided useful occupation at free periods. Most of the word-games can be played systematically and regularly for building-up vocabulary. Teachers with initiative have used these games as models for further creative work along similar lines.    (From the Foreword)

Following is a random sampling of word-games 
for you to play with:

A Homonym is a word that is the same in form and sound as another but different in meaning. For example: the floor of a ship / decorate = DECK.

 Find homonyms from the clues given below.
a.  window covering / lack of vision
b.  grim-faced / rear end of a sea-vessel
c.  harsh sound / tall vessel .....

Jumbled Pairs
Take one letter out of the first word in the following pairs and add it to the second. Then rearrange the letters so that they form new words which are related to each other. For example, the answer to the first pair is: feel and taste.

a.  fleet and sate
b.  grapes and grade
c.  corks and tone
d.  write and year
e.  stir and miser
f.   heats and corn....

Proverbial Quiz
Here are some questions to test how well acquainted you are with some common proverbs.

a.  What is the best policy?
b.  What animals seldom bite?
c.  Who must not be choosers?
d.  Who always blames his tools?.....

A Gourmet's Delight
There are various ways in which we take food into our mouth and work on it with our teeth before sending it down the gullet. There are severely synonyms of the word "eat", like, to gobble, to crunch, to bite, to peck, to chew..... Choose the appropriate word from each description given below.

a.  To cut or take hold of with teeth.
b.  To swallow food quickly without chewing it.
c.  To grind between the teeth before swallowing...

Child’s Play
Using only the letters of the phrase SAME CHILD find six-letter words that fit each of the descriptions below. The answer to (a) is CAMELS.

a.  the ships of the desert
b.  found in a carpenter’s workshop
c.  melancholic, gloomy
d.  sent by post...


Here is an exciting, amusing, unique book of Word-games: Anagrams, Conundrums, Jumbles, Limericks, Palindromes, Proverbs, Puns... to mention but a few of them. It is a handy guide for organisers of parties or camps; it is a traveller’s ticket to pleasure. But above all, it is a vocabulary-builder. It provides fun with words, thus enabling the reader to increase word-power usage with ease!   (Back cover)  

The new book is brimming with entertaining and constructive fun. Like the book of Psalms it has 150 units , a complete rosary of fifteen decades to relax and uplift the mind of every lover of fun and words. Two lines by Hillaire Belloc have been appropriated by many a writer of lesser merit:

"When I am dead, I hope it may be said
His sins were scarlet, but his books were read."

The little book of 120 pages (including the Solutions) may be tapped by organizers of parties in search of riddles, palindromes, anagrams, spoonerisms, puzzles and conundrums, tongue-twisters, crosswords and limericks.  (Ignis, November-December 1983, p31)


Fun With Words... Turning word play into a fine art; full of fun with an accent on learning as well.  (Other India Bookstore)


I came across this book 'Fun With Words' in our Library… It is a wonderful book..  I love the content.
Jude Forbi,  Bishop Rogan Minor Seminary, Cameroon



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