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Challenges for

 Personality Development

 and Effective Relationships









Leading a passionate life

encompasses every part of your life – your career, relationships, hobbies, causes.





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Passion has been described as an intense driving emotion, enthusiasm, or conviction. It is a strong desire for an activity, object, or concept. It is that fire in your belly that drives you. Passion is not only about your career or job; it is about every aspect of your life. Leading a passionate life encompasses every part of your life – your career, relationships, hobbies, causes.

Pursuing your passions connects you to your soul and satisfies your deep cravings for a meaningful life, of experiencing excellence in every area with which you are engaged. It means connecting with your purpose and living your life to the fullest. When you are following your passion you experience profound happiness, joy, and success.

This book is about “living passionately”. It begins by describing life as an “adventure”. It discusses the implications of “going with the flow”, then challenges you to step out of your “comfort zone” so that you do not settle down to a dis-passionate lifestyle. It suggests techniques for making “choices that empower” you to live your life more fully, passionately. And to keep going, it provides tips for being a “perpetual learner” staying abreast of the times and coping with the advances of psychology, of science and technology.

In order to internalize the process of “living passionately” the book provides insights on your self-worth and self-esteem, your need to blend head and heart, and your expansiveness through compassion.

“Living Passionately” is directed toward mature readers – youth as well as seniors – who take life seriously and are seeking fresh inputs to enrich their personalities.

The themes may sound familiar, but the approach is attractive, appealing. And applicable to life situations that your encounter. The book tells you how to make the most when the sailing is smooth; it helps you face stormy weather and keep on when the going gets tough. Finally, it hopes to stir up your “passion for life” so that you may, with all your heart, contribute in your own way toward the building of a world suffused with love and compassion – both at the personal and universal levels.

“Living Passionately” has been long in the making. It was begun several years ago. I wanted to create a special work – somewhat different from my other books. In order not to compromise on this approach, I put the manuscript aside when I was pressed upon to concentrate on more topical subjects for publication as occasions presented themselves. Then, for the last two years I could do no prolonged, sustained work owing to my state of health. In fact, I thought my writing career was coming to a close. But thanks to Providence, I recently felt rejuvenated and inspired once again and decided to complete this, my twenty-seventh book. I wish to say a word of gratitude – from the bottom of my heart – to my numerous admirers across the globe who have been repeatedly assuring me of their support and prayers.

Life has been an adventure for me. I have striven to live it passionately. I feel assured this book will reflect that passion and serve as an inspiration for others. Live your life to the fullest of your potential. I will conclude with a formula that I found useful:

            The steps to success are simple:

                Decide what you want.

                Determine the price.

                Pay the price. [Bunker Hunt]



1. LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE                                 

  1. The first step

  2. Hills and dales

  3. Refreshing streams

  4. Flying high

  5. Ruts and tracks

  6. In the driver’s seat


2. GOING WITH THE FLOW                                  

  1. Everyday manoeuvres

  2. The natural flow

  3. Proper perspectives

  4. Opening up the flow

  5. Some practical approaches

  6. The ebb and flow of life


3. YOUR COMFORT ZONE                                   

  1. Zones

  2. Comfort Zones

  3. Dimensions

  4. How Comfort Zones are formed

  5. Staying put

  6. Breaking out of Comfort Zones



  1. Choices are a part of life

  2. YOU - the powerful chooser

  3. Choosing your thoughts and emotions

  4. Strategies for making crucial choices

  5. Approaches to choices

  6. Developing the art of decision-making


5. YEARN TO LEARN                                          

  1. Learners and non-learners

  2. Multi-directional Learning

  3. Areas of learning

  4. Approaches to learning

  5. Mistakes are great teachers

  6. Learning and leadership



                                    Part One: Self Worth                                     

  1. Understanding self worth and self-esteem

  2. The physical YOU

  3. Taking responsibility for your self



                                    Part Two: Self Esteem                                   

  1. Characteristics of self-esteem

  2. Self-esteem and social relationships

  3. Nurturing self-esteem

            Self-esteem inventory



            AND EMOTIONS                                       

  1. Head and Heart

  2. Varied aspects of Thinking

  3. Varied aspects of Emotions


9. PASSION AND COMPASSION                   

  1. Living with passion

  2. Transforming with compassion

  3. Inspirational quotes

  4. The compassion of Jesus

  5. Aspects of compassion

  6. The Compassion Exercise







We just got your latest book... on relationship and spirituality...continue to be a source of inspiration to all of us...

Jeyaraj Veluswamy S.J., Kolkata

20 July 2009



May the Lord continue to bless you and through you the Province and the Society, and so many others. You are giving such wonderful example of deep trust and surrender to the Lord during these many years of suffering. You refused to give up in spite of many odds, really inspiring. Your life has been so fruitful and productive. Each of your books has been a labor of love and source of inspiration for many. The title of your latest book "Living Passionately" says it all - the enduring message and inspiration of your life. You have been living a passionate life, and challenging us to do the same. Thank you Hedwig.

Jose Changanacherry SJ

Tertian Instructor, Goa

Oct 11, 2009



I keep enjoying reading your books.  Living Pasionately is awesome...

Gisel  Chang


Nov 23, 2009



I am reading your book “Living Passionately. It is really enriching, renewing and revitalizing. I am enjoying it. I shared with my sisters and they too are encouraged to read. I read all your spiritual books. Thanks a lot for all the graces through reading your books.

Sr Annie RJM

Mariampura, Petlad.

Christmas Card 2010






“I thought my writing career was coming to a close. But thanks to Providence, I recently felt rejuvenated and inspired once again and decided to complete this, my twenty-seventh book,” writes Lewis in his Foreword of “Living Passionately” (p. vi), For one who has suffered silently for many years and continues to do so, writing about passion is not likely to be an easy task. Yet, in the span of nine chapters full of tips and tales, questions and quotations, reflections and suggestions, Lewis first explains how life is an adventure (ch 1). With this fact as foundation, he challenges readers ‘go with the flow’ (ch 2), to abandon comfort zones (ch 3), to make choices that empower (ch 4),, to learn and to lead (ch 5), to enhance self-esteem (chs 6 & 7). To harmonize head and heart (ch 8), and finally, to live with passion and compassion (ch9), like Jesus.

Besides reading the book, it would benefit the reader to try out the energizing and empowering exercises Lewis prescribes. His Foreword concludes with a formula: “Decide what you want. Determine the price. Pay the price.” Given the price of this book, buying it will be a good decision to enable you to live with passion and compassion. Francis Gonsalves, SJ, Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection, Vol 74/4, April 2010.



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