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The variety of  publications listed below 
will aid you in discerning your values and choices
and in making your life God-centred
so that you cooperate with God's grace
in building a world of love and peace.


1.  Happiness Manufacturers
228 pages, 2001,  ` 60.00  $ 7.00    (GSP)    ISBN 81-87886-41-2

“Happiness Manufacturers” refers to those people who have devoted their entire lives in producing the ‘ingredients’ that go into creating happiness – in making the Kingdom of God a reality: Priest, Nuns, Brothers....

This attractively presented book is an inspirational guide to those who are still in the process of making a decision regarding their 'vocation' to religious life: 'aspirants', 'postulants', 'candidates', 'pre-novices', or 'novices' – in a Convent or Seminary. The inputs are designed to deepen their convictions through prayerful consideration of the various aspects of life that are involved in such serious decision-making.

Happiness Manufacturers provides a highly practical approach to prayer. It is presented in a style similar to that of At Home With God. It has stories, poems, quotes, guidelines and questions for reflection, biblical references and suggestions for prayer. It is divided into thirteen "Themes", each having four "sets" of relevant inputs, equaling 52 in all – for the 52 weeks of the year! Its ample inputs can be used for 'daily meditation'. Its simple format can help motivate even 'beginners' to spend time profitably in prayer. Happiness Manufacturers is also a handy "resource-book" for Vocation Promoters, Vocation Camps, Prayer Services and Spiritual Direction.

2. When God Calls 
     Insights and Challenges
  100 pages,  2002,  ` 40.00   $ 5.00   (GSP)   ISBN:  81-87886-53-6     

This is a book of reflections written primarily for young men who have experienced God’s call and have a desire to enter the Society of Jesus. Hence most of the items are specifically Jesuitic. The book, of course can also be used with profit by anyone who feels he/she has a vocation.

There are a variety of ‘items’ – biographies, stories, poems, prayers... that lend themselves to deep reflection. In order to follow some pattern, and keep this book small and handy, each ‘unit’ has been restricted to three items.

Beside personal reading and reflection by the candidate, this book can serve as a powerful tool in the hands of 
Vocation Promoters at Vocation Camps, monthly meetings, and Prayer Services.

. All For The Greater Glory Of God
       160 pages,  ` 75.00   (GSP)    ISBN:  13:978-81-89317-28-7; $ 7.00    ISBN:  10:81-89317-28-8

All For the Greater Glory Of God develops systematically the motto AMDG of St Ignatius Loyola, and it associated dynamic, the MAGIS (“MORE”). it traces the origins and explores the meanings, implications, influences and applications of AMDG-MAGIS.


All For the Greater Glory Of God,  is the fruit of the author’s research-reflection process in the Jesuit Jubilee year 2006. It is hoped that this work will in turn refresh and energize various types of readers: Jesuits, non-Jesuit religious congregations that adhere to the spirituality of St Ignatius Loyola, collaborators associated with Jesuit institutions, and those who appreciate the spiritual doctrines of St Ignatius.



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