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All these 'themes' have their bearing
in our relationship with the 'Divine'!

You will find listed below a set of books on Prayer.
They offer rich material for meditation, reflection, 
different forms of prayer. They are structured 
handbooks,  in a sense, that make for easy reference 
by even the uninitiated in the art of prayer.

         (Click on the titles for details)


1. At Home With God (See # 5 below)
          384 pages, 1991 (4th ed. 1997)  ` 100.00   $ 10.00   (GSP)*

This is basically a meditation guide. Following the pattern of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola, it takes the pray-er step by step through various phases of inner transformation, involving vital choices that lead to fascination for Christ and His mission, total surrender to God’s will, a new vision of God’s presence in the world, and an enriching life of love and service.

At Home With God has received an overwhelming response from thousands of readers the world over (with translations in Spanish and Malayalam). It contains hundreds of inspiring stories, quotes, Scripture references and suggestions for prayer. It has been used extensively for Prayer Services, Recollections and Retreats.

The book was transformed in a new edition and given a new title: God Here and Now. (See below)
 * Note: The books indicated by (GSP) can be obtained from The Publisher, Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, P. B. 70, ANAND, 388 001 (Gujarat, India)
                      e-mail:  booksgsp@gmail.com

     Website: http://gspbooks.in

2.  Happiness Manufacturers
228 pages, 2001,  ` 60.00  $ 7.00    (GSP)    ISBN 81-87886-41-2

“Happiness Manufacturers” refers to those people who have devoted their entire lives in producing the ‘ingredients’ that go into creating happiness – in making the Kingdom of God a reality: Priest, Nuns, Brothers....

This attractively presented book is an inspirational guide to those who are still in the process of making a decision regarding their 'vocation' to religious life: 'aspirants', 'postulants', 'candidates', 'pre-novices', or 'novices' – in a Convent or Seminary. The inputs are designed to deepen their convictions through prayerful consideration of the various aspects of life that are involved in such serious decision-making.

Happiness Manufacturers provides a highly practical approach to prayer. It is presented in a style similar to that of At Home With God. It has stories, poems, quotes, guidelines and questions for reflection, biblical references and suggestions for prayer. It is divided into thirteen "Themes", each having four "sets" of relevant inputs, equaling 52 in all – for the 52 weeks of the year! Its ample inputs can be used for 'daily meditation'. Its simple format can help motivate even 'beginners' to spend time profitably in prayer. Happiness Manufacturers is also a handy "resource-book" for Vocation Promoters, Vocation Camps, Prayer Services and Spiritual Direction.

3. God Here And Now
            Spiritual Exercises for Personal Growth                                
    330 pages, 2002,   ` 130.00  $ 12.00    (GSP)    ISBN 81-87886-62-5

This book is an updated and thoroughly revised edition of the popular prayer-guide At Home With God.  The author has used the latest resources on the Spiritual Exercises available on the Internet, and has given the content a sharper focus. Moreover, much of the previous content has been overhauled. Hence the new title. However the book follows the same structure as its predecessor. It contains hundreds of thought- provoking stories, anecdotes, and poems as well as inspirational quotes from Scripture and other sources in keeping with the theme of the day. It is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola and is a 'retreat in daily life' manual.

God Here And Now will appeal to all who yearn for God in prayer and are enthusiastic about leading God-centred lives. The inspirational inputs, simple prayer techniques and spiritual exercises will strengthen, intensify and deepen their relationship with God. They will become aware of God’s presence in all things, persons, events and places! They will learn to be ‘contemplatives in action’, transforming every one of their activities into ‘spiritual exercises’ and thus being in contact with God – "praying" always – in the here-and-now!

4. With Jubilant Hearts
    Reflections and Prayers for the Jesuit Jubilee Year 2006

     184 pages, 2005,   ` 75.00, € 6.00,  $ 7.50   (GSP)   ISBN 81-89317-06-7

In the Jesuit Jubilee Year 2006, the Society of Jesus celebrates the fifth centenary of the birth of St Francis Xavier [7 April 1506] and of Bld Peter Faber (Favre in French) [13 April 1506], and the 450th death anniversary of St Ignatius Loyola [31 July 1556]]. With Jubilant Hearts vibrates with a spirit of joy, of ‘jubilation’, of spiritual celebration. It is a “resource book” containing a variety of informational and inspirational material that captures the charism of the three ‘founding fathers’. It can be put to creative use at the personal and community levels Apart from Community Prayer Services and Novenas, the book contains a “Desk-Calendar” on the life of St Xavier, in 12 units. Though geared toward Jesuit spirituality, even non-Jesuits who share the Jesuit spirit, either in religious congregations or as collaborators, will find it helpful and challenging.

5. At Home With God   *New*

            Spiritual Exercises for Enrich Daily Life

336 pages, 2013,   ` 250.00  $ 25.00    (GSP)    ISBN 978-93-80066-73-8


At Home With God is the original title of the book published in 1991. It was revised and renamed God Here And Now in 2002. This volume - thoroughly revised and updated - reverts to the original title.


At Home With God is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, Loyola. It is a “retreat in daily life” guide. The book contains hundreds of thought-provoking anecdotes and stories, as well as inspirational quotes from Scripture and other sources in keeping with the theme of the day. It is highly structured, progressively leading the “retreatants” through simple prayer techniques and exercises to deepen, strengthen and intensify their relationship with God: to be, and to be, at home with God.


6. Into the Deep

            Prayers from GC 36 of the Society of Jesus

            140 pages, 2017, ` 100.00  $ 18.00  (GSP) 

This book is a collection of all the “Morning Prayers” conducted during the General Congregation (2 October – 12 November) but with a difference! Given the international mix of delegates, the prayers are multi-lingual. So, the foreign language texts are omitted, while their parallel English versions have been retained. English editions of the scriptural texts and other readings are reproduced from the references provided. The hymns, too, have been left out, since more familiar ones, in regional languages, may be preferred. Nevertheless, “Into the Deep” adheres faithfully to the framework of the Morning Prayers as published on the “Prayer Room” of the official GC36 website.

7. Perspectives and practices of the Ignatian Examen

            28 3pages, 2019, ` 300.00  isbn   (GSP) 

This book offers styles of praying the Examen of Consciousness that are innovative and user-friendly at the personal and community levels. The Examen provides us the capacity to remain open to God’s continuing grace, and to develop the sensibility to “find God in all things”, everywhere, in all events, in all circumstances, in all people, and in the whole of creation, every time and all the time. The book contains a vast collection of tried and tested adaptations of the Examen Prayer, drawing on the perspectives and practices of Ignatian scholars. It is designed for Jesuits and non-Jesuits, including Religious and Christians, old and young. It can be adapted for use by people of other Faiths.

8. To see all things new in Christ
        Community Reflections and Prayers on the Ignatian Year 2021-2022
        120 pages, 2021, R 100.00  Euro 3.00   (GSP) 

The title of this book, “To see all things new in Christ”, is the motto and theme of the Ignatian Year 2021-2022. The topics for the Community Prayer Services are drawn from the Letter of the Superior General, Father Arturo Sosa SJ, urging “to remember that privileged moment when the Holy Spirit inspired Ignatius of Loyola in his decision to follow Christ, and to deepen our understanding of this pilgrim way in order to ‘draw fruit’ from it.” The book is intended to serve as a source of  “spiritual conversion”, after the example of our Father Ignatius, and will be helpful not only to Jesuits but also to all those associated with Ignatian spirituality for prayer in common as well as personal reflection

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