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Most people have a healthy curiosity
 about the beliefs and traditions
 that surround popular festivals...

The books listed below
 are informative, inspirational, illustrated,
 and entertaining

(Click on the titles for details)

1. Christmas By Candlelight
             88 pages, 1998,  RS 45    $ 5      (GSP)*
ISBN:  81-87886-32-3

      A delightful book that enhances the Christmas tidings of joy and good-will. There are heart-warming stories, inspiring verses and messages, which like multi-coloured festive candles light up your life. Some of the items have an aura of intimacy, others produce moods of joy and enthusiasm, some others lead to prayer. Like a sumptuous Christmas dinner, the book provides appetizing food for thought, nourishment for the heart, and energy for the body. And since it is replete with the universal values of caring and sharing, loving and giving, the book can be read with profit any time of the year to revive the Christmas spirit. A valuable gift to family and friends.

* Note: The books indicated by (GSP) can be obtained from The Publisher, 
Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, P. B. 70, ANAND, 388 001 (Gujarat, India)

e-mail:  gsp@satyam.net.in

2.  A Valentine's Day Treasury
            158 pages, 2000,  RS 30    $ 4      (GSP)

      Given the modern-day commercial hype, perennial values attached to traditional festivals have been diluted or dissipated. This book captures the true spirit of Valentine's Day. In an engaging style it informs about the origins, evolution, customs, legends, symbols and superstitions related to the feast. It enchants with a score of endearing stories on love and romance. It entertains with humorous anecdotes and jokes. It inspires with missives, quotes, and poems on Love and Roses. Its attractive presentation makes it an appealing gift that will be cherished for long.




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