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These are some of the features you will find
 in the list of publications briefly described below.

All the books deal with subjects that are relevant
to wide categories of people and have universal appeal.

Do scroll down this page, pick up a title that appeals to you,
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1. Body Language    A Guide For Professionals
        248+20 pages, Third Edition 2012,  Size: Crown: 7" x 10", ` 450.00   Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka: USD$ 11.00
     Response Books,  A  division of SAGE Publications,  P. B. 42,15, New Delhi 110048.  [First Edition 1998, reprint 1999; Second  Edition 2000; several reprints; Third Edition July 2012.  ISBN: 9788132107200

This third edition is an upgradation of the previous volume. The structure has been changed somewhat and each chapter is replenished with wide-ranging insights that make for depth, clarity and greater comprehensiveness. There are several new dimensions added to a topic, with the inclusion of modern-day observations of human behaviour and body-talk. The theories are more experiential – and popular in approach.

e-mail:  sageind@nda.vsnl.net.in
        ISBN:  978-81-321-0720-0  (India-PB)
Sage Publications Inc., 2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, California 91320  
        ISBN:   0-7619-9491-2  (US-PB) 
Sage Publications Ltd., 6 Bonhill St., London EC2A 4PU
 ISBN: 9788 132 107 200 (UK-PB); £27.99

Available through <amazon.com>
See  <http://www.addall.com/> to compare prices in the USA.


2. Tips And Techniques For Job Seekers    [Out of stock]
    135 pp, 1998  ` 40.00, Better Yourself Books, St Paul Publications, P.O. Box 9814, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050.   ISBN:   81-7108-375-7
e-mail:  Paulsind@bom4.vsnl.net.in

     This book provides practical methods for exploring the job market and making contact with prospective employers through such requirements as the Bio-data or Curriculum Vitae, application forms, and business correspondence. It highlights the background and suggests ways of preparing for job-interviews. Further, it tackles the nitty-gritty of job-interviews, offering a comprehensive range of instructions and skills.


3. Tips And Techniques For Job Seekers    [Out of stock]

        108 pp, 1999 Ed   ` 30.00, Ahmedabad Management Association, Prarthna-AMA Centre for Career Counselling and Vocational Guidance, Torrent AMA-Management Centre, Opp Punjabi Hall, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009


    We live in a consumerist society. Clever salesmanship so presents the products that they catch the eye and whets the appetite. The job-market is a highly competitive one, and to get selected tales a greatly deal of effective salesmanship. This book offers tips and techniques for “selling” oneself (and successfully, as far as possible in a given situation) at the job selection interview



4 How To Study
        264 pages, 1984, (3rd ed. 1997), ` 52.00   $ 5.50      (GSP)

     A practical approach to study methods and skills for students. The book discusses habits of and strategies for effective studying. It provides skills for reading, writing, taking/making notes, spelling, concentration, memorizing, and examinations. Translated into Gujarati, Kannada.


5. Fun With Words
        180 pages, 1983, (3rd ed. 1985), ` 10.00  $ 3.00    (GSP)

     A store of word-games meant not only to help build Vocabulary and fill up free-time in school, but also to serve as an interesting handbook for entertainment at parties, picnics, competitions.


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