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The variety of  publications listed below 
will appeal to your mind and  heart.
 They are a wellspring of  inspiring ideas
 that evoke deep emotions



You use a mirror to have a good look at yourself. Since the mirror reflects reality in an unbiased way, you observe more than your external ‘appearance’. The expanded waist, the wrinkles, the drooping shoulders, or the sparkling eyes and smile.... all reveal what is happening within you. You can give yourself a synthetic face-lift and mask the real you, or decide to tackle basic issues for self-transformation. The hundreds of ‘stories’ in these books provide ‘reflections’ of the reality in and around you, and leave you with vital choices to make.

The stories can be used for meditation and prayer-services, as well as for general instruction and entertainment. The books serve as refreshing resources for teachers, preachers and writers; light reading for the sick and bedridden; ‘companions’ for travellers. They are valuable gifts for any occasion, especially birthdays and anniversaries.

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1. Mirrors Of Life
      208 pages, 1998,  ` 70.00   $ 10.00    (GSP)*    ISBN:  81-87886-35-8

Over 300 stories and anecdotes – "mirrors" – that ‘reflect’ the varied facets of your everyday world: attitudes, personalities, relationships, happenings, prayer, spirituality. Translated into Spanish.

* Note: The books indicated by (GSP) can be obtained from The Publisher, 
Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, P. B. 70, ANAND, 388 001 (Gujarat, India)
 e-mail:  booksgsp@gmail.com

     Website: http://gspbooks.in

2. Mirrors For The Heart
   198 pages, 1998,   (2nd Ed 2001) ` 67.00   $ 10.00   ISBN:  81-87886-31-1
Over 300 stories and anecdotes – "mirrors" – that reflect your heart-to-heart dealings in life: relationships at home, work, in society at large, and the attitudes and ability to ‘share life and love’ concretely with others, especially those in need.

3. Images In Mirrors
   198 pages, 1998,  (2nd Ed 2001) ` 67.00   $ 10.00    ISBN:  81-87886-34-X    
Over 300 stories and anecdotes 
"mirrors" – that reflect the human aspects of life, presenting a large variety of people with and without masks. It is said, “we see others not as they are but as we are.” These ‘reflections’ have much to tell you about yourself and the kinds of people you have to relate to.


4. Capsules For Contemplation
     Concise Quotes For Personality Development & Relationship Enrichment
152 pages,  2000, 
` 52.00    $ 8.00    (GSP)     ISBN:  81-87886-13-7

This book contains over a thousand ‘capsules’ (single-statement quotes), that are meant for ‘contemplation’ (in-depth reflection). The out-of-the-ordinary quotes are potent enough to challenge your personal convictions, alter your perceptions of people and reality, impact your relationships, and transform your attitudes and life-style. The capsules provide the nutrition necessary for your mind, heart, body and soul. You can take just one capsule to vitalize your day, to enrich your thoughts, to revive your spirit, or to soothe your nerves.

5. Rhythm And Rhyme For A Life Sublime
  136 pages, 2000, ` 45.00   $ 4.50  (GSP)  ISBN:  81-87886-38-2 

There are 'everyday Poets' who have a way of couching lofty thoughts in simple, straightforward verses. Their poems do not require serious textual analysis because the message can be derived from a first reading. This book is a collection of such inspirational poems on various themes of life and religion that provide abundant food-for-thought. Excellent resource material for display on classroom or community bulletin boards, for discussion purposes or as fillers in magazines.

6. Once upon a Time...

        215 Story-Mirrors for Self-Reflection

         180 pages, 2010, ` 80    ISBN: 978-93-80253-40-4

         Dawn Books, Culture and Communications, Loyola College, Chennai 600 034. <dawnbookschennai@gmail.com>


The stories in this book serve as mirrors that reflect human attitudes and behaviour in myriad of ways. They inspire you to search your own mind and heart for similar reflections and lead you to deeper self-discovery and social awareness. The stories are grouped according to themes – approximately. No water-tight compartments are possible because practically every story can have multiple nuances and it can find new interpretations in different contexts, given the creativity and versatility of the speaker or writer. The stories appeal to our universal human nature.


7. Ripples of Love
Stories and poems
pages, 2011, ` 120.00  (GSP)  ISBN:  978-93-80066-52-3

A pebble thrown into a pond creates a splash followed by a ripple. The greater the force of the thrust, the bigger the splash, the stronger the ripple, and it will spread out wider and faster. All our actions, big or small, have the “ripple effect”. The stories and poems in this book are the pebbles – life’s concrete realities – that are tossed into the ocean of knowledge. They are meant to enlighten, inspire and motivate you to action. Your positive actions create RIPPLES OF LOVE.  

These stories and poems can be used in Value Education classes, Personal Growth workshops and Personality Development camps for youth. It is hoped that teachers in all professions will find in this book an abundance of effective educational tools for group activities and individual reflection. All stories and poems are positively oriented. Positive thinking and positive action are essential to creating an atmosphere of “love”. It is hoped that each story and poem will make an impact on your own life and help you initiate “ripples of love” that will spread far and wide.

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