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Spiritual Exercises to Enrich Daily Life







This book is based on the

Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius,

which is highly structured, progressively

leading the “retreatant” (one who

does the Exercises) from

“knowing about God”

 to “knowing God”,

from head-knowledge

to heart-convictions. 





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This book is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, which is highly structured, progressively leading the “retreatant” (one who does the Exercises) from “knowing about God” to “knowing God”, from head-knowledge to heart-convictions.


Though intensively programmed, it is not a time-bound ‘project’ but a ‘Spirit-guided’ adventure into the heart of God. The main emphasis is on quality rather than quantity: not all the points on the proposed topics need be finished at one session. Retreatants are constantly coaxed into using both their ‘wings’ – “doing” and “being” – in order to soar to the heights: the ‘exercises’ as such  necessarily entail “doing”; ‘contemplation’ requires the state of “being” present before the God who exists in the here and now. They are also repeatedly reminded to make allowances for those ‘gracious’ moments when they may not need the wings: God sweeps them off their feet into a loving embrace!


This book is a thoroughly re-hauled edition of the popular prayer-guide God Here and Now (2002), which was an off-shoot of At Home With God (1991). We have reverted to the original title. The book contains hundreds of thought-provoking anecdotes and stories, as well as inspirational quotes from Scripture and other sources in keeping with the theme of the day.


At Home With God will appeal to all who yearn for God in prayer and are enthusiastic about leading God-centred lives. The varied inspirational inputs, simple prayer techniques and exercises will strengthen, intensify and deepen their relationship with God.

In the process they will discover their own inner resources. They will be motivated to translate their insights and experiences into constructive actions for the building up of the Kingdom of God. They will increase their desire to love God with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love their neighbour as they love themselves. They will become aware of God’s presence in all things, persons, events and places!  They will learn how to be ‘contemplatives in action’, transforming every one of their daily activities into ‘spiritual exercises’ and thus being in contact with God – “praying” always – in the here-and-now!   








One day, a professor discussing the marvels of creation, confessed to his wife how in spite of his being a specialist in many fields, his knowledge was yet so limited. “I tend to take a lot of things for granted. For instance, I am ashamed to admit that I don’t even know how the electric bulb works,” he confided.

“That’s unbelievable,” exclaimed his wife. “Why, it’s so simple, dear,” she said, “you press a switch, that’s all!’”


Figuratively speaking, we press many ‘switches’ to get things done in life, little realizing the ‘power’ at their sources which make them work!


In the spiritual life, too, we tend to take many things for granted: God’s presence, power, providence. It is “faith” that “connects” us to God and everything divine.


For, while love is the wiring that connects our souls with His, faith is the switch that turns on the power. Our homes are full of things that are run by electricity: lights, irons, sewing machines, toasters...

Just believing that there is a power called electricity is not enough to make these things work for us. Every time that we want one of them to work, we must touch the button that releases the power in that one.

Just believing a set of facts about God does not necessarily turn on the power in a single one of our prayer-objectives. In order to do that, we must believe this, we will naturally rejoice and give thanks for it. And when our belief is weak, the act of rejoicing and giving thanks will awaken our faith. -  Agnes Sanford

To deepen your awareness of God’s presence and power, you will spend the next seven days reviewing your relationship with God and Christ, as well as assessing your life of prayer. The topics in the following units will help you examine your relationship with God and Jesus Christ, as well as your approaches to prayer and the spiritual life.


Prayer is like the turning of an electric switch.

It does not create the current; it simply provides

the channel through which the electric current

may flow.  - Max Handel




At Home With God (1991)


Excerpts from Reviews


Despite its apparent cosy title, this book is not for the curled-up-in-bed reading, but... An achievement in the best Jesuit tradition.

Indian Missiological Review (March 1993)


The theology undergirding the approach is orthodox and long-standing… This book will provide seminarians and religious in formation with a very easy introduction to prayer. . The lay person and priest looking for a help to recapture their praying spirit or even to start will also benefit.

The Furrow (Ireland, March 1993)


A retreat or the "retreat in everyday life" … It can also be used by a casual reader for "enlightenment or entertainment."

Theology Digest (St Louis, U.S.A., Spring 1993)


Everything in this book helps to put the Ignatian method of prayer into practice.

In Christo (October 1992)


Very much a ‘do it yourself’ book...

Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection (August 1992)


A Resourceful and Reliable Guide.

The New Leader (June 1-15, 1992)


A power-house of wisdom and knowledge, programmes and techniques for prayers…

The Herald (March 22-April 2, 1992)


Lewis has dovetailed a huge mass of apparently random material into a scheme with a; truly remarkable sense of connections.

Jivan, Jesuits in India Views and News (Feb 1992.)


One can open the book at any page and find something useful...

The Times Of India (Oct 16, 1991)



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