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The variety of  publications listed below 
will guide you to living out your life
 and to relating with people at optimum levels.



1. Persons Are Gifts
    Power-filled Reflections for Person-centred Living
       256 pages,  2000,  `  85.00    $ 8.00    (GSP)     ISBN:  81-87886-14-5

The first part of the book highlights the value of “Persons” : as “Precious” “Indispensable” “Gifts” “Unique” “Fragile”; it also focuses on the “price”, “consequences” “rewards” and “returns” of person-centred attitudes and behaviour. The second part emphasizes “Close Encounters” with people and presents a gallery of “Personality Types”. Apart from personal reflection, this collection of inspiring and motivational stories-with-a-difference can become a powerful tool in the hands of parents and teachers, for instruction and discussion. A handy reference book, too, for speakers, preachers and writers.

 2. Living Passionately

     Challenges for Personality Development and Effective Relationships

         212 pages, 2009, ` 95.00  $ 15.00 (GSP)  ISBN:  978-93-80066-10-3


Living Passionately describes life as an “adventure” and pursues that challenge by highlighting the need to “go with the flow”, as also determining when to take the plunge from ones “comfort zone”. To live life passionately, one must develop skills for making “choices that empower” and become a “perpetual learner”, keeping abreast with the times and coping with the advance of psychology, science and technology. In order to internalize the process of “living passionately” the book provides insights on ones self-worth and self-esteem, on the need to blend head and heart, and the practice of compassion. It is hoped, that it will stir up the “passion for life” in the hearts of the readers and contribute in its own way toward the building of a world suffused with love and compassion – both at the personal and universal levels.



3. Inflaming Mind and Heart

        Challenges For Developing A Radiant Personality

     144 pages, 2010,  ` 120    ISBN:  978-81-7108-729-7

      Better Yourself Books, The Bombay Saint Paul Society, P.O. Box 9814, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050. stpaulsmarketing@gmail.com


As the title suggests, this book challenges you to set your mind and heart aflame. When there is fire within you, your life lights up, you exude warmth, you radiate happiness and excitement. The book offers insights on various aspects of life and personality, from a prismatic perspective. Each chapter works out a ‘theme’ with a collection of inspirational inputs from “unknown authors” that have appeared at some time or other on the internet. These have been slightly adapted or edited. There are nine themes: Life, Personality, Perspectives, Attitudes, Influences, Convictions, Release, Relationships, and Life-Force.


4. Give Wings, Will Fly

        Uplifting Stories

           168 pages, 2011,  ` 130  $ 6.95   ISBN:  978-81-7108-788-4

      Better Yourself Books, The Bombay Saint Paul Society, P.O. Box 9814, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050. stpaulsmarketing@gmail.com


The stories in this book are meant to serve as wings – to help your spirits soar beyond the limiting factors in life.

They are “uplifting” stories, in the truest sense of the word, because they will move your mind and heart and soul to soar above yourself in lending a hand to those who need uplifting, to hover over distant horizons, to rise above the clouds. They will make you feel “uplifted”, elated, unchained. You will experience a freedom of spirit as you fly beyond the human limitations of  egoism, pettiness, selfishness…. and also (in the varied ways you can use them) to teach others how to fly you



5. Persons Are Our Best Gifts
    Inspirational Stories For Person-Centered Living
Convivium Press, Inc., 7661 NW 68 St., Suite 108, Miami, Fla 33166, USA
        224  pages, 2013, $  29.99, ISBN 1934996556

Persons are our Best Gifts, in brief, highlights the value of “Persons” and emphasizes “close encounters” with a variety of “personality types”. Over and above personal reflection, this collection of inspiring and motivational stories-with-a-difference can be used as a powerful tool by parents, educators and animators for instruction and discussion. It is a handy resource and reference book for professionals, presenters, preachers and ‘pen-persons’.

Alban Books: £19.99

Amazon: £16.57


Available on NOOK devices and apps 
NOOK Book (eBook, $9.99

Barnes & Noble
192 pp, 482 KB) on iPhone,
iPad, or iPod touch (Barnes & Noble, $ 9.99), (Amazon-Kindle, Rs 537.99)


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